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 Women Pioneers

The concert featured Piotr Gajewski conducting the National Philharmonic in a special tribute to women in music and the law.  Hosted by the Honorable Madeleine Albright, the concert was held on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at the beautiful Strathmore Concert Hall in Rockville, Maryland.

Women Pioneers

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Today, women in Maryland serve in the legal profession with distinction at all levels, whether as lawyers, judges, professors or elected officials.  The fact that some women have achieved prominence in the law obscures the significant barriers that still remain and disconnects us from the struggles faced by women historically.  By understanding and embracing the history of women in the law, including the recent past, we can determine what forces bridged the legal system from exclusion to inclusion.  Knowing how individual women in their professional and personal lives contributed to this societal change will help forge a secure foundation for future women in the law.  This project will showcase these women's achievements, lives, and goals in an historical context; it will describe and preserve the efforts that ensured the place that women lawyers enjoy today; and the project will illuminate the goals that have yet to be achieved by future generations of women in the law.


The Finding Justice Project

            The Finding Justice Project was conceived in 2006, when Judge Lynne Battaglia gathered a group of judges, legal scholars, and attorneys to discuss the possibility of researching and publishing a literary work on the history of the women in law in Maryland.  The concept for the literary work is articulated in the Vision Statement set out above.   The group eventually found an enthusiastic sponsor and home in the Maryland Women's Bar Association Foundation.  In 2007, the WBA Foundation officially established the Finding Justice Project Committee, chaired by Andrea Leahy-Fucheck, with the express purpose of publishing a literary work on the history of women in the law in the State of Maryland  The Committee consists of two subcommittees: the Editorial Subcommittee and the Development Subcommittee. 

The Maryland State Archives has contributed vital research to the Project since its inception in 2006.  The Archives initially employed research interns who compiled background information for women attorneys identified on the Court of Appeals' list of attorneys admitted to the Maryland Bar.  The Archives continues to provide invaluable support and resources to the Project. 

The literary work will present a full picture of the development of women in the law, from the earliest steps fighting for admittance to law school and the State Bar, to modern day practice of law including appointments to the bench and other leadership positions.    The published work will include biographies of highlighted individuals, historical analysis of trends, photographs and documents that place events and persons in a visual context, and actual cases that have advanced women’s rights in our society.  It was decided to divide the literary work into two Volumes.  The first will focus on the period from 1902, the first admission of a woman to the practice of law in Maryland, to the era of the Women’s Movement in the 1970’s.  The historical context of Volume I will include historical excerpts dating back to America’s first woman lawyer, Margaret Brent during the 1600s.  Volume II will address achievements and challenges facing women practicing law in modern times.  The Project will afford us all the opportunity to gain a true understanding and appreciation of history of women in the legal profession, and from that, the influence this history has had on the station of all women in Maryland and our society at large.      


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