Ethical Standards for Female Lawyers in Capitol Heights, Maryland

Find out about ethical standards for female lawyers in Capitol Heights, MD. Learn about the history of female lawyers in Maryland and how they have achieved positions of distinction.

Ethical Standards for Female Lawyers in Capitol Heights, Maryland

Women lawyers have faced a long history of exclusion from male-dominated associations, leading to the formation of their own groups dedicated to female lawyers in Capitol Heights, Maryland. The Maryland Women's Bar Association and its predecessor organizations have been instrumental in providing legal services in the areas of family law, immigration, domestic violence protection orders, and employment law. In 1929, four members of the Women Bar Association applied to become members of the Baltimore City Bar Association. Justia's lawyer directory is designed to make it easier to find, compare, and contact attorneys in your city, county, or state that meet your legal needs.

The 125th anniversary of the Maryland State Bar Association provides an opportunity to reflect on the experience of women lawyers within the association and profession, as well as the role of gender-specific collegial organizations in the future. During the 1940s and 1950s, the Women's Bar Association supported women lawyers who aspired to become Maryland's first female prosecutors and judges. Another group created to promote the professional development of African-American women lawyers was the Black Women's Bar Association in suburban Maryland. The Alliance for Women Attorneys of Color works to improve opportunities for women attorneys of color by providing networking opportunities, mentoring young lawyers and law students, and helping them “grow professionally in a comfortable and collegial environment” according to Alliance President Michelle K.

Franklyn Bourne Bar Association is dedicated to advancing African-American lawyers (both men and women) in Prince George and Montgomery Counties. When searching for a lawyer, it is essential to find one who is personally committed to your case and has substantial experience handling the issues that will be decided in your court case. Today, more women are entering law school than men and women lawyers have achieved positions of distinction in government, the judiciary, and the private sector. Based on a legacy of exclusion from male-dominated associations, female attorneys have gained acceptance by forming their own groups and advocating for causes that affect women.

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